ANOLAWIZ (Pty) Ltd was started approximately three years ago by founding member Mr. AJ (Deon) Holder. The company now consists of people of a diverse background having worked in various industries and have acquired different skills and abilities. The company began its operation in the diesel industry partnering itself with a major refinery and since has extended its wings in the commodity industry with the buying and selling of all different types of commodities such as coal and all oil related products The company offers unique services in the petroleum sector, commodities sector, financial sector as well as several other industries.


It is Anolawiz (Pty) Ltd vision to produce safe, efficient and effective services in line with the government’s strategy of promoting excellent and sound service delivery in South Africa and across its borders and Internationally in the petroleum industry.

The company’s intention is to contribute positively in the provisions of high quality service. We at Anolawiz (Pty) Ltd strive to be the best, and to be best, we ensure that we continuously walk the extra mile for our client’s. We strive to be recognized as the fastest growing and most efficient Petroleum Company in Southern Africa, serving our customers locally and abroad with outstanding service and products.

Anolawiz (Pty) Ltd vision for the near future include expanding into some SADC countries, like Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, DR Congo and Angola and to be recognized as the fastest growing and most efficient Petroleum Company in Southern Africa, serving our customers locally and abroad with outstanding service and products. A crucial aspect of Anolawiz (Pty) Ltd is the rekindling of the notion that every member of society is entitled to top quality service through the systems and products supplied over the years


Our business responsibilities are our suppliers and clients. In meeting their needs, everything we do must be of highest of quality. A crucial aspect of Anolawiz (Pty) Ltd is the rekindling of the notion that every member of society is entitled to top quality and service through the systems and products supplied over the years.

Our suppliers and clients must have an opportunity to make a fair profit in order to ensure continues growth for all.

We have a responsibility to all our employees, having continues growth in business ensures that we fulfill that responsibility.

We have a responsibility to our communities that we work and live in and we strive to be actively involved in our communities.

There must be equal opportunity for employment, development and advancement for those who are qualified.

We must strive to be ethical, honest and responsible in the services we offer.

We must always find and explore innovative ideas and ensure that we invest in them.

We must ensure to operate on according to the principals mentioned in order to be successful.

To partner with our client’s and associates, assist them in making a success of the business.

To integrate community involvement through training, job creation and community Upliftment programs.

We believe that clients’ interest is above all, honesty and credit is fundamental, and sustained development shall follow.

To excel among the listed companies and have strong competitive power in the international market.

Our Team

Mr A J (Deon) Holder

Mr Holder is an entrepreneur with over 24 years’ experience in construction. He has travelled Africa
extensively for 5 years buying and selling commodities.
The past 7 years he has dedicated his efforts to the petroleum sector selling D2 50 ppm diesel locally
wholesale. Internationally his ventures have taken him to Russia and Rotterdam from where he entered the
oil business buying and selling various petroleum products. His personality and leadership locally and
internationally have made him a great asset to the Anolawiz team.

(+27) 78 435 1309



Practical Design Innovations (PDI), strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction provided by the company. This is further achieved by ensuring that the highest quality standards are adopted on all levels of service and production by the licensees, for optimal customer protection when using the products.

PDI will ensure our standards are maintained. Anolawiz PDI’s philosophy is to use various technologies in synergy like “going green” to solve obstacles that the petroleum industry faces daily. The company’s competencies include world class innovative technology partnered with high skilled engineering designs.


Anolawiz (Pty) Ltd has a petroleum allocation with a Major International Refinery. Anolawiz (Pty) Ltd further also imports D2 diesel via the Russian allocation and intends importing Petrol 93/95, Jet Fuel and other petroleum products into South Africa and across Africa. Due to the size and the number of projects handled by Anolawiz (PTY) Ltd, we will run several projects in tandem, but will commence with what we believe to be the most important of them all, Importation of Diesel and Aviation Kerosene Anolawiz (Pty) Ltd aviation fuels are used for powering jet and turbo-prop engine aircrafts. Anolawiz Pty Ltd are registered to “SELL and COLLECT” Jet A/A1 Jet Fuel. Anolawiz (Pty) Ltd is currently in the process acquiring various sites threw out South Africa for the establishment of depots and road filling stations, which will be branded, franchised and will make available Petrol, Diesel, Paraffin as well as a 24-hour Kwik stop. The company has several “one of kind” products and intends becoming a leader in its field to assist in the drive to ensure Job Creation.

Our Model for procurement includes:

  • Obtaining quotations from local and International Suppliers
  • Arranging and Issuing of letter of credit to issue to Supplier
  • Clearing of fuel at port of entry
  • Ensuring tank storage facilities are in place
  • Arranging for collection of fuel at Port of Arrival via Road Tankers (SADC Regions)
  • Transportation of fuel to Fuel Depot’s
  • Delivering Fuel to service stations and clients
  • Payments and Banking
  • Remittance / Reconciliations to Suppliers

We are committed to provide a powerful support structure to our clients in market development with our sound and efficient distribution network, and to provide a professional service to all our clients, and partners by combining operations of production, transportation and distribution.

Anolawiz (PTY) Ltd Directors has always recognized its responsibilities in terms of risk management and sound corporate governance practices. The practices have been tabled and approved by the Board and circulated to all staff.

The Company’s corporate governance standards adhere to the principles outlined in the King Code on Corporate Governance. The Board will comprise of a majority of non-executive and independent Directors, with sub-committees responsible for audit and risk controls reporting to the Board. The recommendations of the King Code have been fully incorporated into Anolawiz (Pty) Ltd management procedures and control at all levels of the business.

Anolawiz (Pty) Ltd’s aim is to grow with the business as it expands. To support and develop local communities through job creation programs and bringing awareness of specific issues closer to members of the community through education. Anolawiz (Pty) Ltd goal is to assist the less privileged by engaging in charity programs which will go deep into helping those people who are need.

Our prime aim is to sustain and maintain the company as the business grows regarding sales, service, markets, profits, skills and development programs. So that we can provide employment internally and externally spreading opportunities in South Africa.

Anolawiz (Pty) Ltd is always in the market looking for investment opportunities, but when we look at an investment opportunity we look at it with long term view in mind to partner with the company in question.

We look carefully at where we will invest and make sure that the investment is profitable and self sustainable with a good growth point. If a company needs an investment and they are new in the industry, our top management is more than willing to take the time to explain the ins and outs of the investment and / or partnership we will be looking at as well as the returns that will derive from this joint venture.

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